Saturday, May 06, 2006

New York, or "the city" as they call it

NEW YORK : a story of few pictures, because we were doing too much and having too much fun - and there are enough pictures of it already out there in the world anyway.

As we drove in...

going over the bridge

entering brooklyn

There were no signs to warn us, and they gave us a $45 ticket plus this hideous sticker on the car window that had to be scraped off with a razor blade and soapy hot water!

Katie's amazing backyard/garden area.

Katie's apartment, from the outside

Katie's apartment from the inside.

Unfortunately there aren't any more photos-- or they are on my disposable (gasp!) camera. There are no pictures of Coney Island, or Central Park, or Neal's apartment, or all the amazing food we ate (Korean, Indian, pizza, Greek), or Eli, or Jonny the librarian student, or walking around alphabet city, or going to les enfants terribles (an overpriced french bar/cafe in chinatown) or of all the great espresso we drank.

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