Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Defenestration building in San Francisco

While in San Francisco I was walking around SOMA one day and stumbled upon this building with furniture sticking out of it from every window and from the bricks themselves. (It's at 6th & Howard) The building is empty and there is a sign on it that says it's for sale. There is also a plaque that indicates that an artist, Brian Goggin made an installation out of the building and was supported by the Rockerfeller Foundation, among others. . It's called "the defenestration." Defenestration means to throw something or someone out of a window.

Here is the artist statement from the website:

"By orchestrating everyday materials, via assemblage and juxtaposition, I create works that make the improbable appear plausible. The resulting pieces, in effect, take on an identity, a personal history, until they seem complete and believable. Apparent animations evolve which are at once dream-like yet familiar, unleashing a hidden life in commonplace objects."